Stuart R. West's books are spooky fun, suspense-filled and spiked with just enough humor for much needed relief.
Stuart R. West's Macabre Book Shelf

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What's up?

I'm Stuart R. West, author. And I am a smarty-pants. Like me, my book offspring are smarty-pants, as well.

I live in Kansas, a creepy place to be sure. Probably one of the reasons I'm drawn to the macabre side. I write suspense, thrillers, mysteries, horror, action, and historical fiction both for adults and young adults. Most of the books are set in the Midwest. However, my smarty-pants side can't be tamed and humor sometimes sneaks into my novels. You'll see. When I give full rein to my smarty-pants, I even unleash straight-up comedies.

If you are not entertained by my books, you can come to my house and sock me in the nose.* That's right, I believe in my tales of mystery, murder and mayhem so much I'm putting my books where, nose is. Or something like that.

*DISCLAIMER: Sock in the nose guarantee only valid for little old ladies and 99 pound weaklings who live within a one-block radius of author Stuart R. West.